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Youn’s Stay Episode 4 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

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Youn’s Stay Episode 4 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

File: Youn’s Kitchen 3 Episode 4

(It’s our first morning at Youn Stay.)

(What’s for breakfast?)

(Stir, stir,)

(and keep stirring!)

(There’s pumpkin porridge made with the chef’s love.)

(And dumpling soup with lots of dumplings.)

(A filling combination of pumpkin porridge and dumpling soup.)

(The first Youn Stay breakfast train sets off!)

(The guests appreciate the love.)

(Bottom’s up)

(The vegan guest is satisfied too.)

(The children are also satisfied.)

(The guests for the second day have arrived.)

(There’s a pleasant couple from Iran.)

(What’s your favorite?)

(Soju? Yes.)

(The priests who love soju)

(Check-in on the second day goes smoothly!)

(While the guests enjoy a peaceful chat,)

(the kitchen seems relaxed too.)

– We’re relaxed, aren’t we? – Yes.

(It’s because they prepped in advance.)

(With the extra time, they can provide extra service.)

(The pre-meal tea and drinks are served first.)

(You can try both of them if you want.)



(The bugak and sesame soybean sauce are first.)





(The bugak goes in endlessly.)

(If that’s the first course,)

(the rest is going to be pretty good.)

(Two groups are almost ready for the main course.)

(But Juk is still empty.)

(A group still hasn’t come yet?)

(Current time, 7pm)

(They’re supposed to come at 6:30pm.)

Why aren’t the priests here?

(They’re already 30 minutes late.)

I wonder.

Why aren’t the priests here?

(He goes out to wait, just in case.)

(There’s no sign of them.)

(Not on the bamboo path…)

(and not in Dongbaek either.)

(He decides to call them.)

(I hope they pick up.)

(At the same time, in Jin 1.)

(They’re not in the room?)

(The call cannot be…)

(They don’t pick up.)

(He tries again.)

(Pick up… Pick up…)

(The phone bell rings again.)

Hello? Good evening.

Hello, this is Youn Stay.

(They picked up?)

(But there was no one in the room…)

(Jin 1)

(Jin 2)

(They were in the next room.)

Yes, yes.

Hi. Your dinner is ready.

Okay. Bye-bye.

Okay, thanks very much. Okay, thank you.


(The priests finally come over.)

Are you guys ready for dinner?

– Yes, yes. – All right.

– Hello. – Hello.

(The VP takes note of them.)

Ms. Youn. Ms. Youn?

– Ms. Youn. – Yes?

(Come on out.)

– The priests. – The priests?

– It’s a bit cold, right? – Yes, yes.

(He solemnly leads them to their dining room.)

You go in and wait and she will bring a menu for you.

– Oh, okay. – Okay?

(The last group enters the room.)

Oh, it’s nice that it’s warm.

(To take the final order,)

(the CEO comes in person.)

– Hello. – Hello.

– Hello, good evening. – Okay, good evening.

My name is Youn Yuh Jung, actually.

I’m going to take the order.

I saw you in a movie before.

– Oh, did you? – Yes.

I cried during that movie.

Oh, did you? What movie did you watch?

(What was it called…)

“Keys to Your Heart”.

It’s something like that. I forgot.

– “Keys to the Heart”. – Oh, yes.

– I have two sons. – Yes, yes.

– One has autism. – Yes, yes.

– It’s a very touching movie. – Then…

You have some kind of what… Catholic priest?

– You both. – Yes, both of us.

I became a priest first.

And then… He’s my junior.

Oh, I see.

(Peter, 3 years, Jason, 7 years)

– He’s my junior. – Oh, I see.

I just arrived in Korea one month ago.

– One month ago? – Yes, one month ago.

– Oh, really? – Yes.

Priests. Oh, I see.


I’m sure you can drink.


(After an awkward giggle…)


Don’t worry. This is on him.

(She’s kidding.)


– It’s from me, guys. – Thank you so much.

Thank you.

– This is the menu. – Yes.

– Can you help us? We don’t know… – Yes, yes.

– All the rest is the same. – Yes.

Except you choose the main dish.

Oh, the main dish?

– Either chicken or beef. – Chicken, yes.

Another thing is if you’re vegan, we have some tteok and vegetables.

I choose the chicken.

– You’ll have chicken. – Chicken.

I’ll then do the…

– beef, yes. – Beef? Okay.

– I’ll bring the food for you. – Yes.

(She got the final order.)

Peter, can you put this one… Take a photo of this one together.

(A photo?)

(Standing up)

It’s hard.

(Zero laughter)

(Every subject of the photo…)

(is carefully placed.)

(Hurry up…)

Okay. Looks good.

Yes, for a photo.

– Hey, cheers. – Cheers.

I have to take alcohol.

(They drink somewhat solemnly.)

– Seo Jun, 1 beef, 1 chicken. – Okay.

– Did we serve bugak? No, right? – Not yet. Get me some.


Bugak, some bugak, please.

– Bugak, bugak. – Okay.

(An assortment on a plate for two)

(A heap)

Ms. Youn, this is for the priests.

– The priests. – Let me. I’ll take it.

(Juk, the priests, bugak is served)

– Oh, okay. – Thank you very much.

Oh, yes.

This is the thing I explained before.


This is the dip.

– You can just chip… – Yes.

– Finger food? Yes. – Yes, finger food.

– Okay. – Enjoy. You can just…

– break it off and… – Okay.

– And please… – Careful, careful.

Enjoy, oh dear. It’s all right.

I can manage.

– Thank you for your concern. – Yes, yes.

Let’s take a photo of this one.


(Photos are a must.)


(Are you done?)


Okay? My fingers.

(He’s allowed to eat.)

– Fragile. – Yes.

Like rice paper.

(The senior takes a piece.)

– Like chips. – It’s very brittle.

(They eat well as if it’s to their taste.)


It’s too healthy.

I think this is really healthy.

Because it’s not too salty.

The one in the house is too salty.

– Yes. – So much sodium.

(The clean taste…)

(has captivated them.)

(Meanwhile, in the kitchen.)

Let’s see.

(Checking the hall)

(They’re all out working.)

– Just one beef and chicken, right? – Yes.

– Then chicken… – 2 and 2.

– Chicken… – We just served bugak.

– I think we can go slowly. – Okay.

(I think we can go slowly.)

(Memories of the first day flash through his mind.)

– Oh, this? – Yes.

With the chicken, if you look over here,

– it’s served with pickled cabbage. – Together?

– This is the dakgangjeong sauce. – Okay.

(Did we serve all the tteok-galbi?)

(There’s one more tteok-galbi.)

(One more?)

(Yesterday, they even got the numbers wrong.)

– We have more than enough. – It’ll be fine.

I think we can serve more than 10 each.

I think we can start serving the main dishes.

(The fryer is on.)

I’ll heat up the chicken.

Okay. For two minutes.

(Today’s two main dishes)

(The first is dakgangjeong.)

(First, shall we fry some crispy chicken?)

(Seo Jun pre-cooked the chicken.)

(They go into the fryer for another 2 minutes.)

(Fry them again at a higher heat to make them extra crispy.)



– Let’s give him the chicken first. – Okay.

Let’s serve what’s ready first.

Okay. I think I’ll be done first.

(Then they’re coated with the special sauce!)

(Shake, shake!)


(He waits quietly so as not to disturb them.)

Do you want to take them both?

(Parsley, garlic flakes)


– Since when were you here? – All along.


(It’s served with pickled cabbage.)

(Mae, Guk, Juk, yangnyeom dakgangjeong)

(They serve the English guest first.)

(It’s here!)

– Hi there. – Hi.

– Chicken first? – Yes.

Are you okay with spiciness?

– Oh, yes. – Yes?

It’s not that spicy.

All English people are okay with spicy.

Do you need some more wine?

– Yes, please. – Okay.

Can I take the glass from you? Thank you.

It smells good.

(It even smells good.)


Very nice. Perfect.


(Now he has a monologue with the chicken.)

It really is good.

(A mouthful of sour pickled cabbage)


(3 levels of crunch)

The best fried chicken I’ve ever had.

One more glass of wine.

– A refill. – Okay.

(The Beverage Team got another wine order?)

(He selects the right wine for the guest,)

(wipes the glass and pours the wine.)

(Before he leaves, he sets the temperature!)

(Here comes a glass of wine served with care.)

(He walks carefully to Mae.)

– Hello. – Oh, hi.

– Some wine for you. – Thank you.

– If you… – This is fantastic.

– Oh, really? Nice, nice. – Yes.

All right.

– Thank you. – Okay, thank you.

Doesn’t it feel like we’re so organized today?

Is everything done?

Let’s get it out. The rest of the stuff.

(That would be 2 tteok-galbi and 1 dakgangjeong.)

(He slices the rice cake that goes on the side…)

(and brushes sesame oil on the tteok-galbi.)

(Into the oven)

– Do you need charcoal now? – Yes.

(Tteok-galbi task 1, get charcoal from the fireplace)

(Tteok-galbi task 2, plate the chive geotjeori)

(It’s time to take out the tteok-galbi.)

(Out of the oven)

(Onto the charcoal)

(The fiery smell adds to the flavor.)

(This is chestnut.)

Today’s batch looks nice.

Today I don’t feel I’m being chased.

(But Woo Shik is watching.)

(Crushed pine nuts are sprinkled on top.)

(Dakgangjeong sauce goes in, tteok-galbi gets final touches)

– Is it cooked properly? – Yes.

(The dakgangjeong is almost done, in time to serve with tteok-galbi.)

The English guy.

This is for the couple.

– Bugak, bugak. – Okay.

(Guk, Iranian couple, tteok-galbi and yangnyeom dakgangjeong)

– Hello. – Hi.

Beef is for…

– Dada. – Dada.

This is rice cake and beef with chestnut inside.

(It’s mine.)

Chicken for…

– Yes. – Tara.

(Pickled cabbage for each of you.)


– Thank you. – Yes.

(He smells it.)

(It smells nice.)

Oh, my goodness.

(Is it good? Do you like it?)

(He speaks with his body.)

(I’m sorry, honey. My mouth is busy eating.)

It’s good.

It’s really good.

(Do you want some?)


(Take some of mine whenever you want.)

(What is it?)

(It’s so good.)

This is our last main dish.

– Okay. – This is beef.


Rice cake, beef,

a little bit of chestnut inside.

That’s beautiful.

That really looks gorgeous.

Take your time.

– I will. – Okay.

Food’s been great so far.

– Yes? That’s good. – Yes.

– Okay, all right. – Thank you.

Wow. The plate looks beautiful.

(Pretty food deserves a photo.)

(He also snaps his half-eaten dakgangjeong.)

(He goes back to the dakgangjeong.)

(But the tteok-galbi calls out to him.)

(Internal strife)

(It’s a captivating sight.)

(Dakgangjeong is out.)

(Tteok-galbi is in.)

(He tastes the tteok-galbi.)

(Two bites)

(He tastes the geotjeori that’s a perfect side.)

(Three bites)

(Four bites)

(Five bites)

(One piece of tteok-galbi disappears in five bites.)

– Is everything okay? – Yes, everything’s okay.

– We’re good. Perfect. – Yes?

Okay. Your main is coming up right away.

– Oh, yes. Thank you. – Thank you.

– What was his name? – Woo Shik.

– Woo Shik. – Yes. Woo Shik.

Woo is the family name?

No. It’s Choi.

– Oh, Choi? – Choi.

Choi is a big family in Korea, no?

– Yes. – Like Park, Lee, and Choi, no?

– Kim, Park, and… – Park, Lee.

– And Youn also. The Youn family. – Yes.

Yes, but not as much.

Oh, okay.

Also, not a lot of Ahn Jae Seon.

– Ahn… – Jae Seon.

Jae Seon, what’s the family name?

Me, Ahn Jae Seon.

Oh, you?

(The extra beverages arrive.)

– More wine? – Lovely. Thank you so much.

– Tea? – Okay.

Do you want to try Korean traditional wine?

Oh, makgeolli.

– You want makgeolli? – Oh.

– What is makgeolli? – Makgeolli is the rice wine.

– Made of rice? – Yes, it’s a traditional wine.

– Do you want to try it? – Yes, yes.

– Makgeolli? – Yes, yes. Makgeolli. Thank you.

Korean wine.

We’re going to mix all the drinks.

(Today’s makgeolli is a little special.)

(It’s sansuyu makgeolli, a Gurye specialty.)

– It’s okay? – Thank you so much.

Okay, this is…

It’s a local brand of makgeolli.

It’s rice wine with cornelian fruits.

– Okay. – Yes.

(He pours enough for two…)

(and scoops that into separate bowls.)

– Here you go. – Thanks very much.

– Enjoy. – Thank you so much.

Lovely. It’s a rice wine.

(Seo Jin’s done serving.)

(On the way back to the hall,)

(he suddenly stops in his tracks.)

(On the way back to the hall,)

(Seo Jin suddenly stops walking.)

(And he sees…)

(beef bone soup.)

(Seo Jin decided to make…)

(beef bone broth to use for the next morning’s dumpling soup.)

(He prepares the ingredients in advance.)

How many servings is this?

Thank you.

(He finally puts…)

(his grand plan to action.)

(He’s been cooking food on a fireplace for 8 years…)

(starting with “Three Meals a Day”.)

(He adds a spoonful of sincerity…)

(and takes good care of the soup.)

– Woo Shik. – Yes?

The soup is starting to brew.

It’d be great if we could eat this today.

(The sous-chef is also impressed.)

This is going to be amazing tomorrow.

(Throughout the entire night,)

(he kept a close eye on the beef bone soup.)

Are you only focused on the beef bone soup?

– I’ll take that. – Here you go.

(Why don’t you take this too?)

He’s sincere when it comes to beef bone soup.

(You’ll see how the soup turns out tomorrow morning.)

Shall we start making the chicken?

(With a relaxed smile,)

(she fries the last batch of dakgangjeong.)

(She gets rid of the excess oil.)

We’ll have a lot to do tomorrow.

We have to make a new batch of sauce.

Seo Jun, that last one went out, right?

I was worried.

(She mixes the sauce with the dakgangjeong.)

(And with some parsley and garlic chips on top…)

Here you go.

– Is it for the priests? – Yes.

This turned out great.

(He grills the beautiful tteok-galbi along with some rice cakes.)

(Then he sprinkles some crushed pine nuts on top.)

Did we serve chicken to the priests?

– It’s ready now. – It’s ready?

– Then we’ll serve it all together. – You can serve it all together.

Okay, okay.

(The tteok-galbi for the priests are also ready.)

We’re done.

(They’re done cooking all the main dishes.)

(Your food is on the way, Father Jason and Father Peter.)

– Hello. – Peter and Jason.

Yes, thank you.

Beef is for… Are you guys sharing?

– It’s for Jason. – Okay.

– Yes, yes. – All right.

Here you go, Jason.

Who cooked this one?

That’s actually from SJ.

Did you cook this one?

No, I’m not a cook.

I’m just a bellboy.

There’s this girl from “Train to Busan”.

Yes, I know that movie.

– Oh, “Train to Busan”? – Yes.

– Yes. – Oh, yes.

She cooked this.

– Oh, okay. – Okay.

(The dakgangjeong chef is pretty famous.)

All right. I’ll leave you guys alone.

– Thank you so much. – Okay.

– Enjoy your food. – Thank you.

“Train to Busan”. That’s a very famous movie.

– Yes. – Yes.

– Try it. – Let’s try this one.

Yes, try this one.

(He tries makgeolli for the very first time.)

(Father Jason takes a sip.)

This one is mixed with something.

The other ones are usually plain.

This one is more special.


Peter, would you like this one? Would you like a piece?

– Yes, sure. – Maybe I’ll share some chicken.

(He gives him a piece of the tteok-galbi.)

Okay. Great.

Have this one.

– There you go. – Okay.

This is really…


(He cuts it into a bite-sized piece.)

(And he takes a big bite.)

– It’s really tender. – Yes.

(Father Peter also takes a bite.)

(He takes another big bite.)


It’s really nice.

(Now it’s time for them to try the dakgangjeong.)



The chicken sauce is very good.

– Have you tried it? – Yes.

(It’s already his second piece.)

I’m eating more chicken.

– Yes, sure. – Peter.

It’s almost like the chicken you eat when you have chicken and beer.

(Starting from today, don’t have chicken with beer.)

(Have chicken with makgeolli.)

(Try this too.)

(The Iranian couple also tries the dakgangjeong.)

Thank you.

(He feels happy very easily.)

(What do you think, honey?)

(This is delicious.)

(- This one? – Yes.)

(He tries a bite after hearing what his wife says.)

(You have a trustworthy palate.)

(I want more of this.)

(Me too.)

(What was the name of that guy earlier?)

– Is everything okay? – Choi…

(He tries to search online.)

(I’m going to ask him for more of this.)

(The guy they’re looking for comes to check if everything’s okay.)

(He heads to Juk.)

(Excuse me. Can you come here too?)

(Maybe we need to ring the bell.)

– Okay. – Thank you.

(But then Woo Shik heads back.)

(Excuse me.)

They want wine.


(He saw us.)

– Yes? – Excuse me.

Can we have some more side dishes?

Oh, yes. Of course.

– Thank you. – Thank you.

– Is everything okay? – Yes.

– Okay. – It’s super good.

(Everything’s good now that you came.)

They want some more of this.

– For the Iranian couple? – Yes.

– That means we’re out of food. – We have two…

We finished serving the English guest too.

(But it’s not even 8pm yet.)

Did they finish everything?

Then how about this? Once we serve the main dishes…

I can make fried oysters.

I have faith in you.

(The chef had a plan.)

– What are you going to do, Yu Mi? – I…

I’m going to make the sauce.

What kind of sauce?

I’m going to make the sauce for the oysters.

(Oysters are very expensive in the West.)

(But in Korea,)

(oysters are very abundant.)

(“Oysters Are Back in Season”)

(“Tongyeong City Exports Frozen Oysters to Spain”)

(Therefore, today’s freebie menu…)

(is fried oysters.)

(And the sauce to compliment the dish…)

(is tartar sauce.)

Garlic… 60g.

(A mayonnaise base)

(A little bit of sweetness)

(Chopped onions)

(Chopped chili peppers)

Is that tartar sauce?

(It’s not an ordinary tartar sauce.)

(The chef adds a small kick to the sauce.)

(Garlic scapes)

(Normally, you add pickles to tartar sauce.)

(She chops the garlic scapes into small pieces to add a kick.)

(She prepares the lemon.)

(And squeezes it into the sauce to finish it off.)

(The garlic scape sauce is ready.)

Apparently, the English guy doesn’t like oysters.

But we still need to give him something.

(They can’t just leave him out and serve him nothing.)

(The sous-chef tries to come up with an idea.)

Why don’t we give him some tteokbokki on the house?

You can keep making the oysters, Yu Mi.

I’ll make the tteokbokki.

(She takes out the fresh oysters.)

Bread crumbs.

Cover them in frying powder, eggs, and then bread crumbs.

(She covers them in beaten eggs,)

(and finishes off by covering them in bread crumbs.)

(Then she fries them in oil.)

You need to eat them when they’re nice and warm.

This is what I’m talking about.

(Golden brown)

There we go.

(She finishes making fried oysters.)

(She serves them with the garlic scape sauce.)

Ms. Youn, these are fried oysters for the Iranian couple.

(The fried oysters are ready.)

We’re giving them so much free food.

(English guest, Iranian guests, Priests)

(The CEO serves the food herself.)

(The beef bone soup guy)

(She heads to Guk first.)

It’s okay. This is on the house.


– This is the fried oyster. – Okay.

– Thank you very much. – Thank you very much.

This is the sauce.

How was the tteok-galbi?

– The tteok-galbi was amazing. – Oh, really?


What about the chicken?

– It was very good. – Okay, good.

But we really liked…

– The tteok-galbi? – Yes. Tteok-galbi.

Okay, good.

This tteok-galbi was different.

Because we filled the inside…

– The filling is chestnuts. – Chestnuts?

– Yes. – Chestnuts.

– Smashed chestnuts. – Yes.

So it’s supposed to be good.

I’m glad you enjoyed…

the gungjung tteok-galbi. “Gungjung” means “royal”.

– “Gungjung tteok-galbi”. – Yes.

Yes, it’s very authentic.


It was the first time we tasted something like this.

– It smelled nice too. – Good, good.

You know the difference. I’m so glad.

Thank you.


Thank you.

You’re very welcome.

(They dip the fried oysters into the garlic scape sauce.)


Let’s take a photo.

(We must take a photo of this delicious food.)

(The sauce is very nice.)

(I agree.)

(The garlic scape sauce is very addictive.)

(She dips it deep into the sauce.)

(Her husband does the same.)

(The priests also receive their oysters.)

This is so good.

– Really? – Yes, yes.

It’s my first time trying this.

– It’s usually the regular… – The regular makgeolli.

– Yes. – Makgeolli.

These are oysters.

– They’re oysters? – Fried oysters.

– It’s perfect for winter. – Right?

– All right. Thank you. – Thank you.

Did you cook this one?

No, our chef cooked it.

I’m not the chef.

(Who is the chef?)

Try the oyster.

(They each try a piece…)

(of the crunchy oysters.)

It’s really well done.

– They’re really… – Yes.

Seo Jun, you deserve to feel a little proud of yourself.

– The Iranian couple told me… – Yes?

they’ve never tasted tteok-galbi like the one you cooked.

Oh, really?

They told me they’ve never tasted something so great.

– Really? – Yes.

So I told them it’s a royal dish.

I told them it’s a royal dish.

I’m relieved.

(He can’t hide his smile.)

(He starts cooking the last complimentary menu.)

(Sliced garlic)

(Soy meat)

(Joraengi tteok)

(A ladleful of tteok-galbi sauce)

(Then add the vegetable stock little by little.)

(Add some color to the dish by adding some paprikas.)

(Then he adds button, oyster, chamsongi, and black mushrooms.)

(Then he stir-fries the ingredients…)

(to mix them thoroughly with the sauce.)

(He finishes it off with siler root greens.)

Woo Shik, this is for the English guest.

– The English guest? – Yes.

(The gungjung tteokbokki for the English guest is ready.)

(The last complimentary dish is on its way to be served.)

(He hurriedly takes it to the English guest.)

– Tony. – Yes?

This is actually complimentary on the house.

– More food? – Yes.

What is it?

It’s actually a vegan menu.

– It’s tteokbokki. – You’re giving me…

all three main courses?

Yes. But it’s just a little bit.

Just so you can try some.

– It’s good. You should try it. – The usual tteokbokki…

is covered in spices.

Yes, but this is soy sauce based.

There are mushrooms. And there’s this meat-looking thing.

That’s actually made out of beans.

That’s okay. I’m vegan Mondays to Thursdays normally.

– Oh, really? – My concession to healthy food.

– Oh, okay. – But you guys have…

blown through that tonight.

– That was brilliant, by the way. – Oh, thank you.

That was the best fried chicken I’ve had in Korea by far.

– Oh, really? – Oh, yes.

I’ll tell the kitchen. They’ll love it.

All right. Enjoy your food.

(The English guest tries the complimentary dish.)

This is pretty good too.


(More staring)

(Is she staring at the grilled rice cakes?)

I really want some of those rice cakes.

– Yes, I’ll give you some. – Okay.

Back in the day, we used to grill them on the fireplace…

during the holidays.

It was a really popular snack.

(The grilled rice cakes remind her of the past.)

(He concentrates more than ever.)

(It’s the original dish that has a crispy outside and a soft inside.)

I don’t know where he heard it.

Here you go. It’s going to be a bit hot.

It’s nice and warm.

– Is it okay? – Yes, it’s delicious.

It’s delicious.

It’s nice and soft.

It’s good.

(Staring again)

– Can I have that one? – Yes.

(She can’t stop eating it.)

(Woo Shik happily comes back.)

Tony loved the food.

(I delivered a compliment too.)

– It’s time for… – We really are…

It’s time to serve the final meals.

Oh, okay.

Who’s eating the rice?

The English and Iranian guests.

(While they wait for the curled mallow soup to heat up,)

(Ms. Youn scoops the rice.)

(The chef picks out which side dishes to serve.)

(Then the sous-chef plates them.)

(White kimchi, jangjorim, pickled plum)

(It’s steaming.)

(She opens the pot.)

(The curled mallow soup is ready.)

(The chef scoops the soup with sincerity and love.)

– It’s for the English guest. – Okay.

This is for the Iranian guests.

This is for the priests.

(The warm rice and curled mallow soup are about to be served.)

(English guest)

(Iranian guests)

(The priests)

– This is your last meal. – Okay.

It’s just rice and spinach soup.

But this is kind of like a side dish.

(He stares at Woo Shik.)

– Are you Choi Woo Shik? – Yes.

You know, I’ve only ever seen two Korean movies in my whole life.

“Train to Busan” and “Parasite”.

Oh, really?

And now I understand why I was like, “I know that face.”


(After Woo Shik left a bit earlier…)

Those guys…

(He searches online.)

What’s his name?

I think it’s him.

He was in “Parasite”?

(Back when the intern had a plan.)

Actually, Barunson, the production company for “Parasite”…

When I go down to the parking garage,

I walk past this great big award for “Parasite”.

It’s the last thing I see…

– when I leave the office. – Oh, really?

Yes, I soon as I saw you, I was like…

“I know your face, but I didn’t know where.”

You know the girl from “Train to Busan”?

There’s this girl called Jung Yu Mi.

She’s actually inside the kitchen right now.

– Oh, is she? – Yes.

And she cooked your chicken and your beef.

She was the one who was cooking.

(Yu Mi was busy running away from the Korean zombies.)

(And now she’s here to make Korean food.)

(“Train to Gurye”)

– Cool. – Yes.

All right.

(He tries the rice.)

Oh my gosh, this is good.

(He also tries the warm curled mallow soup.)

(He must prefer eating the rice and soup separately.)

(She enjoys it the traditional way by mixing the rice and soup.)

(The guests enjoy the food.)

(He tries a bite of jangjorim, a steady-selling Korean side dish.)

(They must’ve cooked the meat in soy sauce.)

(Yes, the meat tastes sweet.)

This is your last meal of the day.

– This is spinach soup. – Yes.

– And here are some side dishes. – Yes.

(Meanwhile, the tteok-galbi chef, who helped serve the dishes,)

(drops by to say hello to the priests.)

Thank you very much.

The beef was so good. Thank you.

– Was it good? – Yes, it was really good.

It’s our first time seeing him, isn’t it?

– No. – What?

He was the one who accompanied us a while ago.

Oh, yes.

(Only 5 hours ago)

(They climbed uphill together.)

He just changed his clothes.


– Sorry. – It’s okay.

– Sorry. – It’s okay.

Father, don’t drink too much alcohol.

(Please keep your dignity.)

Take it easy with… You’re okay, right?

– Okay? Okay. – Yes.

Do you speak Korean?

He speaks Korean, but I don’t.

So, Woo Shik just said,

“Father, don’t drink too much liquor.”

– Yes, I’m sure you understood me. – Yes, I understood.

Yes, yes.

– Thank you. – Enjoy.

Don’t worry. I’ll take care of him.


“Don’t drink too much alcohol.”

(After Seo Jun and Woo Shik leave the room,)

(they start enjoying their food again.)

Oh, it’s delicious.

It’s over.

I hope things continue to go as well as today.

(The Cooking Team finishes their work for the day.)

– Ms. Youn, do you eat oysters? – Yes, I eat oysters.

Then let me cook a batch so you can try some.

Yes, let’s try some.

Let me try some of that sauce. I want to see what it’s like.

Is that tangier?

I added some garlic scapes and chili peppers.

(Seo Jun and Woo Shik try it too.)

This is better than the original tartar sauce.

The original one is a bit too heavy.

– This is really nice. – Yes, it’s nice.

– Tomorrow is going to be… – It’s hard.

– It’s nice to have this ready-made. – Yes.

– Let’s make a lot for tomorrow. – Make what for tomorrow?

It’s better to make them in advance.

– Is it a lot better? – We can drain oil this way.

– Are we done serving the dishes? – Come here, Woo Shik.

(If they’re done serving the main dishes,)

(it means Seo Jin should be busy.)

(5 hours ago,)

(Seo Jin made a new dessert.)

(I’ll see you soon.)

(Does this how the new dessert look?)

(He checks the food feeling nervous.)

It won’t be easy to serve desserts tonight.

It’s not frozen.

It’s not frozen solid.

(He checks it with his own eyes.)

It looks like a slushy.

It’s not done yet.

It just looks like lemon slushy or lemon sherbet now.

I know.

(Are they giving up on making dessert today?)

We should serve persimmon again.

(He takes out the frozen persimmon again.)

(Frozen solid)

(He puts on a mask first.)

(Scooping powerfully)

(Walnut wrapped with dried persimmon on top)

(And a mint leaf next to it)

This looks nice.

(They serve the dessert immediately before it melts.)

The most Korean food I’ve ever eaten at one time…

in one place in my life.

This has been fabulous.

(This is the grand finale of the fabulous meal, a dessert.)

It’s frozen persimmon.

– Oh, like persimmon ice cream? – Yes.


(He takes a cool bite of the frozen persimmon.)

– It’s very nice. – Yes?

What’s that on the top?

That’s dried persimmon.

– Okay. – Yes.

I haven’t tried persimmons, but I’ve seen them.

Actually, they are hanging…

– The orange thing, right? – Yes.

(This beautiful orange-colored fruit…)

(becomes walnut wrapped with dried persimmon…)

(and cool, soft persimmon ice cream.)

(The guests finish their meal with the sweet dessert.)

That was a great meal.

(Father Peter is passing by.)

– Tony. – Yes?

(Tony gets up hurriedly.)

I’ve had three main courses.

(And he brags that he had all 3 main dishes.)

I tried them all.

They’ve looked after me. It’s been absolutely fantastic.

How was your food?

Oh, great. So good.

Which one did you like the best?

The beef.

– The beef? – Yes.

(I should go out too.)

The beef was so good.

The chicken was great too.

Yes. Peter and I shared the food.

That is brilliant.

This was absolutely fantastic. The best meal I’ve had in Korea.

And I liked the beef too.

– You liked the beef as well? – Yes.

I had the beef, I had the chicken, and I had the vegan.

(He tells the Iranian couple that he had 3 main dishes as well.)

Look at my belly.

All outstanding.


(They finished an hour earlier than yesterday.)

We’re finished, Ms. Youn. You’ve had a long day.

(Yuh Jung starts doing the dishes.)

(Yu Mi comes to help.)

– Let me do this. – Okay. Do it.

Wipe these with a towel.

(Yu Mi wipes the dishes Yuh Jung washed.)

(He’s doing the dishes in the hall as well.)

(Woo Shik gathers plates from the dining hall.)

(After Yuh Jung finishes washing-up,)

(Woo Shik washes the dishes that the guests used.)

(Meanwhile, the Cooking Team…)

I’ll prepare the ingredients for tomorrow.

(She prepares the ingredients for pumpkin porridge.)

– We need them only for tomorrow. – Right.

Still, I need to prepare a large enough amount just in case.

(In the meantime, Seo Jun cleans up the kitchen.)

Once I cut these, it’s done.

Can we say thank you to the kitchen?

– Sure. – Yes.

The dinner was outstanding.

– Guys. – Yes?

(What is going on?)

That was the best Korean meal I’ve ever had.


– She’s our chef. – It was absolutely great.

– Hello. – It was absolutely great.

– Thank you. – Thank you very much.

– Thank you. – Thank you so much.

It was so much better than what I’ve expected

We’re glad to hear that.

– It was great. Thank you so much. – We’re glad to hear that.

And he also gave you…

such great service.

You won’t get that kind of service elsewhere.

It was absolutely outstanding. It was lovely.

– Thank you. – Right.

We’re so happy.

It was very good.

We really enjoyed the meal.

Thank you. Good night. See you tomorrow.

– Thank you. Bye. – Have a good night.

– Bye. – Good night.

– Thank you. – Good night.

Are you pleased?


Seo Jin, where should we cook the meat we bought?

– On the frying pan? – That’s the best way to cook it.

Should I bring out the induction stove and cook it?


Do you want me to season it with salt and pepper?

Of course.

I like things like that.

Which parts of beef did you buy?

It feels like we’re having a staff retreat.

(It is true that he’s feeling excited.)

(The seasoned green onion and beef are almost ready.)

Sprinkle it.


(It’s finished with a clap.)

Ms. Youn, let’s eat the barbeque first.

No. I want to eat it with rice.

– Woo Shik. – Yes?

Who took my gochujang?

– Give it to me. – Okay.

All right. Your gochujang is coming.

(He breaks into the crowd to get gochujang.)


(Ms. Youn, one moment please.)

(The curtain is fluttering.)

(Here’s your gochujang, Ms. Youn.)

Why are you doing that?

Why are you doing that?

Cut it out. Don’t be silly.


Where is my anchovy?

Your anchovy is coming.

Here’s your anchovy.

(Here’s your anchovy, Ms. Youn.)

(Holding back his laughter)


Where did you pick up the silly tricks?

(Running away)

(Whether he pulls tricks or not, she only cares about her anchovy.)


(I did a good job.)

Shall we go? I’ll cook the meat.

Go ahead.

(Wait for me, beef.)

(He’s a little carried away.)

(Gurye’s beef comes up to the mound.)

(He can’t wait to try it.)

(Shall we dig in?)

(Ms. Youn’s favorite is rice.)

I was starving.

I started to shake.

That’s because your blood sugar level dropped.

(He makes a wrap carefully…)

(for Seo Jun.)

(Truly happy)

(He gives another wrap to Seo Jin.)

(Then he takes a bite himself.)

(The beef parade doesn’t stop.)

(So they can’t put down the chopsticks.)

(The beef melts their tired body away.)

Thank you for your hard work today.

– Thank you. – Thank you.

– Thank you. – This is nice.

– Would you like more rice? – No, it’s okay.

(Their 2nd night is coming to an end.)

(9:10pm, Dongbaek lounge)

(The guests are gathering together in Dongbaek.)

This is so cold.

– But here is good. – Peter set the…

– Fire? – Peter set the firewood.

So what do you think of the meal? Let’s be honest.

It was fantastic, wasn’t it?

Yes. It was really good.

It was very nice.

– Are they all film stars? – Yes?

Woo Shik was in “Parasite”.

– Right. – Yes, in the movie.

And “Train to Busan”. It’s the lady…

– in the kitchen. The kitchen is… – Did you not know that?

– No, I didn’t know that. – No way.

I had no idea. They were all film stars.

Can you imagine…

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt…

– are doing this? – No way.

It’s all a bit surreal, to be honest.

So, Tony, while we were eating,

we were like, “We should’ve told Tony to come with us.”

We thought you’d be lonely.

I was fine. Honestly, I was absolutely fine.

– Woo Shik looked after me. – Yes.

And I got more food than anybody else.

Yes. You’re right.

“Dear Youn Stay Team.”

Gosh, they are really nice.

– “Co-hosting…” – They wrote it in Korean.

– Right. – Is it Korean?

– Yes. – Who wrote it?

I don’t know who it is.

This is lovely.

“Thank you for having us.”

“Youn Stay is really beautiful.”

“And the people in Youn Stay are very kind.”

That’s true.

“The food was especially good.”

“We had lots of good experiences in Youn Stay.”

“Thank you.”

– They all compliment the food. – “In Youn Stay…”

– Right? – “We had lots of good experiences.”

– Section Head Park. – Well done.

– He wrote it well. – They all compliment the food.

Chief Jung is amazing.

It’s all thanks to Section Head Park.

Section Head Park?

(She gives his subordinate credit for the compliment.)

(I’m full.)

You had a lot of water.

That’s because I ate anchovy.

I ate a lot of anchovy earlier. I was starving.

Ms. Youn, why are you eating a lot of anchovies this time?

I got it from someone. So I…

You never had it before.

It must’ve been hard to remove the intestines.

Why are you eating anchovies?

I told you I’m just eating it because I brought it.

(Please don’t be upset.)

(The staff are stuffed with beef which tastes better than anchovies.)

We need to go. Maybe we will see you…

– Okay. See you tomorrow. – in the morning.

– Okay. Good night. – Good night. See you tomorrow.

– Good night. – I’ll see you in the morning.

See you in the morning.

(In their own ways,)

(they finish the day.)

– Hi. – Hi.

How are you?

– How are you three? – Fine.

Are you… I’m good. Are you in the car?

Are you having fun?

It’s been great.

The best food I’ve ever had in Korea.

I’ve never eaten so much food. You know what I mean?

They’d be like, “The big fat white guy.”

This is my room.


Okay. I’ll talk to you later.

All right, sweetie. I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Bye.

(After sharing his day with his wife, he goes to sleep.)

(It’s almost midnight.)

We should wake up at 6am tomorrow.

Right. We should wake up at 6am so we can get to work by 6:30am.

It’s not that cold.

– Woo Shik, what is this? – What?

Are you going to check the beef bone soup?

Yes. The fire is out.

We’re in trouble.

The fire is out.

That can’t be right.

– My gosh. – This is serious.

We should put in a lot of wood.

I guess we need a lot.

It smells amazing, right?

It’s unbelievable.

Only for beef bone soup.

(They work overtime to make perfect beef bone soup.)

I think we can even make lava with this amount of firewood.

Come back in when you’re done.

– Okay. – All right. Go on ahead.


It would be a lot easier if we used oil.

Woo Shik, you can’t do that.

– You should do it this way. – I see.

– Make it big. – Good.

(He tries it again following Seo Jin’s instruction.)


I’m opening the fiery pit.

(Why isn’t it opening?)

Good. There you go.


The furnace is deep.

This is too deep.

The pot is right here, but it goes all the way here.

(Next up is Seo Jun.)

I think it’s burning.

It makes the best fire when wood meets wood.

He’s from “Three Meals a Day”.

It caught on fire.

(The fire is blazing with Seo Jun and Woo Shik’s passion.)

I’ll take it out tomorrow morning.

All right. Let’s go to sleep.

– Bye. – Bye.

(Yu Mi is spreading the bedding already.)

– Yu Mi. – Are you here?

Did you get the fire going?

– Yes, I did. – Is it all done?

Yes. It took a long time.

Good night.


See you at 6:30am.

(Woo Shik washes up first.)

– Seo Jun. – Yes?

I forgot to bring a towel.


(He’s a good friend who brings a towel without complaining.)

(Woo Shik came out safely thanks to Seo Jun.)

(He does a few things for skincare.)

(Then he makes the beds.)

(Seo Jun is washing up.)

(He’s not a frog.)



(They can’t help but groan tonight.)

I will be waiting up for you.

Okay. What will you do?

Truth or Dare.

(The light in Yu Mi’s room gets turned off first.)

(And Seo Jun and Woo Shik lie down too.)

Gosh, I’m tired.

I hope is the beef bone soup is simmering well.

I miss the beef bone soup.

We have to wake up at six tomorrow.

I’ll set the alarm.

Make sure it’s not 6pm.


Woo Shik, good night.


(The fire that burned with the staff’s passion…)

(died down overnight.)

(It’s 6am, but the moon is still bright.)

(The alarm goes off.)

I want to sleep for another hour.

(The section head takes the initiative.)

(The intern follows him.)

Give me my toothbrush.

(Bumping his head)


(The section head and intern are happy brushing teeth together.)

It’s 6:30am already.

(Seo Jun makes the bed.)

Go ahead and get changed.

(He makes Woo Shik’s bed too.)

When we cooked breakfast yesterday, it didn’t take a long time.

– To cook breakfast? – Yes.

(Section Head Park feels confident in the second morning.)

(He finishes making Woo Shik’s bed.)

(And he hands Woo Shik’s vest over to him.)

(Then he starts to change.)

– Yu Mi. – Yes.

– Are you up? – Yes, I’m up.

– Yu Mi. – What time is it?

Did you have a good sleep?

I slept like a baby.

Good for you.

Is this weird?

It’s fine.

I like it.

I think it’d be better to wear my hair back.

Let’s get it.

Yu Mi, we will go on ahead.

(They leave the house when it’s still dark outside.)

Gosh, it’s chilly.

It feels like I’m in the military.

(They feel happy on their way to work.)

(Section Head Park walks past the management building.)

(And he checks the fireplace.)

What should we do?

(Did the beef bones brew well through the night?)

It smells good though.

Is it out?

Yes. The fire is out.

Didn’t it burn?

The woods are burned down.

Good morning.

What should I do?

(While Section Head Park tries to pull himself together…)

(Chief Jung arrives.)

– Good morning. – Good morning.

(The Kitchen Team arrived early.)

(Intern Choi washes his hands.)

– Gosh, it’s cold. – Is it cold?


(Making a fuss)

You woke up on time.

Of course.

What do I do?

(Section Head Park has a problem.)

Isn’t this look like a mannequin hand?

This is too tight.

(3 minutes later)

(The two men are feeling tired already.)

We don’t have any.

– Good luck. – My gosh!

(They get their act together with Chief Jung’s support.)

(Pumpkin porridge and dumpling soup for breakfast)

(He takes out the steamer first.)

(He fills the pot with water under the strainer.)

(Then he puts dumplings in one by one.)

(Yu Mi washes soaked kidney beans before boiling them.)

I’m going to grind this.

– What’s that? – Glutinous rice.

– Okay. Grind it. – I think it’s glutinous rice.

You should rinse it once.

– Rinse this? – Yes. Hold this for me.

(Good teamwork)


(Switching places)

(He rinses glutinous rice in water.)

(Then he grinds it with the same amount of water.)

– Is this milkshake? – No.

(And they boil other ingredients.)

It takes the longest time to cook kidney beans.

They are soaked though.

Do you want fried eggs?


What is this? Is it a boiled egg?

Yes. You can eat it. Hit it over your head.

(Let me try.)

It smells good.

(Woo Shik prepared it for the Cooking Team.)

Seo Jun, here.

Yu Mi, do you prefer over hard eggs?

Yes. I’ll eat it myself.

(Yu Mi rolls it and eats it at once.)


This is good. I haven’t eaten this for a long time.

I know.

(Woo Shik takes a bite too.)

(The thief takes a bite too.)

Are we cooking dumplings too soon? We still have an hour left.

Should we steam the dumplings later?

– Shall we? – Let’s wait.

Eat this.

I think…

we came too early.

– We don’t have a lot of work to do. – And we have only five guests.

I know.

Who wants coffee?

– Me. – Me.

Does anyone want coffee?

3, 4, 5, 6…

– 7. – 7 cups.

Seo Jun is a true…


Who wants iced coffee?


Can you make it iced?

– What about you? – I want hot coffee.

I want hot coffee too.

(8 iced Americano and 2 Americano for Kitchen Team and crew members)

(He takes out glasses.)

(Filling them with ice cubes)

(Then he makes coffee.)

(He does this 8 times.)

(And he does this 8 times.)

(Adding cool water)

(The 8 cups of iced Americano are ready.)

Here’s your coffee.

Thank you.

(He hands them over to the cameramen.)

Here’s your coffee.

– This is for you, Yu Mi. – Thank you.

Thank you.

– And hot coffee for us. – Right.

(Meanwhile, Chef Jung…)

(She starts boiling pumpkins for pumpkin porridge.)

(She then checks the kidney beans.)

I’ll get the fire going.

Woo Shik, take the coffee.


(After getting replenished with coffee,)

(he gets the fire going for beef bone soup.)

(The man in charge of the beef bone soup appears.)

Woo Shik, how did it go?

What? It all went out.

– It did? – Yes.

But the fire…

How should I put it?

(The soup looks thick enough.)

– I guess it boiled for a while. – Why?

It looks like it boiled down.

– No? Hey, VP. – What do we do…

with the beef bone soup?

I think it’ll be fine.

Then shall we not make the vegetable broth?

– No, we should. – Right?

We haven’t even tasted the beef bone soup.

It won’t work.

We should make the vegetable broth.

(He decides to taste the beef bone soup just in case.)

I’m going to try it.

(He removes the oil,)

(and tries the beef bone soup.)

How is it?

Is the taste not deep yet?

It’s not as deep as I thought.

– It’s not? – Try it.

(Seo Jun tries it too.)

– It’s a little bland, right? – Yes.

We should boil it down more.

(He tries seasoning it.)

(How will it taste?)

I think…

I think it’ll be okay if we boil it well one more time.

– Right? – Yes.

We’re in trouble. I don’t think this is going to work.

(The fire isn’t starting to boil the soup well.)

(Seo Jin has to deliver the drinks first.)

(Seo Jun prepares vegetable broth first.)

(He seasons the soup…)

(and checks it as well.)

My gosh.

I’ll prepare egg garnish differently this time.

I tried a new shape today.

Seo Jun, do you think this will be enough for five people?

Yes, it’s more than enough.

Please pay extra care to the yolks.

What should I do to pay extra care to the yolks?

Use tweezers to put them in the soup one by one.

Place them one by one.

(CEO Youn who’s still half asleep comes in.)

Hello, Ms. Youn.

– I’m sorry, I overslept. – It’s okay.

We didn’t have much to do today.

– Since we don’t have many guests… – What time did you guys get up?

It’s okay, we don’t have many guests today.

(The day is breaking in the upper village.)

(Someone is looking lonely.)

(Father Peter is out for a walk early in the morning.)

(The adorable fur-lined rubber shoes are taking him to…)

(the bamboo forest where the trees are blowing in the wind.)

(There are also picturesque blue roof tiles.)

(The lodging where he spent the night…)

(gives off a different vibe in the morning.)

(When he walks out through the side gate,)

(he’s welcomed by a trail filled with morning sunlight.)

(Father Jason is taking photos.)

– Hey, Peter. – Good morning.

(End of conversation)

(A common sight of colleagues)

(The tranquil reservoir helps get rid of the awkwardness.)

(A common distance between colleagues)



It’s like a chorus here, right?

Different birds.

(The chorus of birds helped them restore their conversation.)




– What time is it? – It’s 7:40am.

It’s 7:40am? We have lesser time than I thought.

Yu Mi, didn’t you say you were boiling the pumpkins?

– I did. – Where are they?

Over there. What?

– Is this the one? – Yes, they’re ready.

Should I mash them?

I think we should blend them.

(Putting them in the blender)


(He blends the fully cooked pumpkins.)

(The kidney beans weren’t cooked well yesterday.)

Yes, they’re cooked.

They’re well cooked.

(The pumpkin porridge ingredients are ready.)

(She pours the blended pumpkins into the pot.)

Seo Jun, it’s blended really well.

(Getting the last drop of it)

It looks like mango puree.

(Add the glutinous rice finely blended with water.)

(Simmer it slowly while stirring.)

(Then season it with sugar and the traditional salt.)

The kidney beans are well cooked today.

(It will be ready after simmering it for a while.)

(You need arm muscles for this.)

(Section Head Park is steaming the dumplings again.)

(He also refills the water that has evaporated.)

(Meanwhile, the highlight of breakfast, Beverage Team is…)

(Upset about the beef bone soup)

(This coffee will wake everyone up.)

(The drip coffee is ready to be served.)

(Next is juice.)

(Right then, the intern returns.)

Did you light the fire?

I need your help. It wouldn’t light.

– You can’t get it going? – No.

(He cuts the fruits first.)

(He removes the stems only for tomatoes.)

(The pears that they bought yesterday are in season.)

Gosh, it’s going to overflow.

(Squeezing in the new fruit into the blender)


I didn’t add oranges.

(Today’s juice is made of carrots, tomatoes, apples, and pears.)

(Seo Jin runs to check up on the beef bone soup.)

(He takes out the firewoods that wouldn’t catch fire.)

– Should I get you some newspapers? – No.

(Adding charcoal to the furnace)

Why are you adding charcoal?

Because it catches fire quickly.

Seo Jin seems to be…

very serious about beef bone soup.

He kept telling me to get oxtail in Spain too.

(While Seo Jin and Woo Shik are getting the fire going,)

(Woo Shik spots someone.)

– Oh, hey, Peter. – Hi.

– Hello. Good morning. – Hi, Jason.

Good morning. Yes, yes.

Are you guys here for breakfast?

(Is it time for breakfast already?)

– Yes? – We were taking a walk.

– It’s almost 8am. – It’s almost 8am.

(They lost track of the time while lighting a fire.)

(Seo Jun who was setting the table spots the guests too.)

Yu Mi, the priests are here.

Thank goodness I added the beans.

(She’s all relaxed as she’s ready with the porridge.)

Yes, this way.

(Only Woo Shik is panicking.)

– How was your sleep? – It was very good.

– Was it too cold? – It was cold.

Do you guys want some hot tea?

– Yes, I’d like it very hot. – Okay.

– Is it warm inside? – Yes, it’s warm. Thank you.


(We’re in trouble!)

(The guests are cold!)

(They need hot Americanos.)

– Two guests are here for breakfast. – I saw them.

(Seo Jun pours the coffee into a thermos.)

(Woo Shik adds hot water to the aromatic persimmon leaves.)


(Woo Shik adds hot water to the aromatic persimmon leaves.)

They said it’s really cold.

We need to make it warm.

(The hot persimmon leaf tea is also ready!)

(The tea is being delivered.)

– Oh, thank you. – Thank you.

When did you guys wake up?


– Peter got up at 6:30am. – Yes, 6:30am.

– So this is coffee. – Yes, yes.

(Serving them coffee and tea first to warm them up)

– For breakfast, – Yes, yes.

there’s pumpkin soup…

– and dumpling soup. – Dumpling soup?

– Oh, dumpling soup? – Yes.

– Okay. – Okay.

It will be very hot inside.

– Okay. – Thank you so much.

– I’ll be right back, okay? – Okay, thank you.

(Woo Shik leaves the room after giving warmth to the guests.)

(Warm yourself with a cup of tea.)


(Woo Shik is back to the kitchen.)

(Checking in on the staff)

(Yu Mi is busy doing the dishes.)

(Seo Jun is busy steaming the dumplings.)

(I have something to say.)

– What is it, Woo Shik? – Sorry?

What is it?

(The priests are waiting. We need to serve them fast.)

(Is it possible?)

(It’d be okay to ask, wouldn’t it?)

It’ll take a while, right?

No. Can we serve them?

Yes, we can serve them.

– It’ll take another 5 minutes. – 5 minutes, got it.

(Woo Shik is in charge of serving the appetizing side dishes.)

(He only needs to put them on the dishes neatly.)

We need to slice the dates.

(Thinly slice the dates…)

(and make a rolled-up date garnish in the shape of a flower.)

I’m going to serve the pumpkin porridge now.

(On top of the golden pumpkin porridge that Yu Mi poured,)

(place the rolled-up dates for the finishing touch.)

(A sunflower seed is an extra.)

(Meanwhile, Seo Jun puts the dumplings in the bowls.)

(Next to Yu Mi who is placing the rolled-up dates…)

Well done. It’s pretty.

(It will be ready if he pours the hot vegetable broth into the bowl.)

(Wait, he’s putting the broth…)

(in the kettle?)

I want to prepare the dumpling soup differently.

We’ll get the broth ready,

– and put… – Separately?

the steamed dumplings in a bowl.

If we add the boiling broth to the bowl,

the broth will look cleaner.

How about pouring it at the table?

Then it will go cold…

– while getting served. – If you…

If you take it in a thermos and pour it,

– wouldn’t that be warmer? – We could do that.

(That’s how they came up with the warm broth kettle.)

Here you go.

– Yes. – Woo Shik, here’s the broth kettle.

How much should I pour for each person?

– Enough to submerge the dumpling. – Just enough to submerge it.

Let me carry it for you.

You carry that.

– I got it. – You pour it.

Seo Jin, look at this.

It’ll be okay to pour it like this, right?

– Impressive. – It’ll get cold.

The decoration looks good.

It’s a good thing you placed an egg on it.

I took it seriously.

– Good morning. – Good morning.

Good morning.

– How are you? – Very good.

– How did you sleep? – It was very good.

This is pumpkin soup…

– Yes. – with little beans inside.

And these are dumplings.

– That’s the soup. – Yes, we have…

(Damaging the garnish)

The vegetable broth.

– Hey, pour to the side. – Pour around it. To the side.

(Slowly moving to “the side”)

(He gets scolded a lot in front of the guests too.)

I placed decorations, and you poured it in the middle.

(Woo Shik pours it correctly to the side this time.)

– Please enjoy. – Yes. Thank you.

Thank you so much.

He destroyed all the egg garnish.

How could you pour it in the middle?

– Did he pour it? – He did,

but the garnish was in the middle,

– but he poured it on the garnish. – I placed decorations.

He poured it on top of the decoration.


You need to teach me everything from A to Z.

Oh, my goodness.

(Father Jason takes a picture as usual.)


The dumplings look heavy.

(The two priests make the sign of the cross before breakfast.)

(Taking a sip of the kettle broth)

Oh, yes.

How is it?

Very nice.

I almost don’t want to destroy it.

(Supporting the food with his chopsticks and spoon)

(Taking a big bite)

(Father Peter tries the pumpkin porridge.)

(Savoring the taste)

Ms. Youn.

(The phone suddenly starts to ring.)

Good morning.


Goodness. What?

(Lodging Seon where the English guest is staying)

(Tony wears the Youn Stay gown.)

(He takes the Youn Stay shampoo bar…)

(and the towel.)

(He’s about to take a relaxing shower.)

(Tony suddenly steps outside the door.)

(He goes to the next room and picks up the receiver.)

Ms. Youn.

(The phone rings in the management building.)

Good morning.


Goodness. What?

Wait a minute. Sorry.

Okay. I will send somebody up there, okay?

Okay. It’s okay. No problem.

It’s our fault. Okay. Yes.

Hey, somebody…

Mr. Farmer says…

he can’t take a shower because the water is broken.

He wants somebody to come.

Otherwise, he’ll be late for breakfast.

He might be late.

– Where is Mr. Farmer staying? – Seon.

– Seon? – Yes.

What should we do? He won’t be able to take a shower.

Shouldn’t we move him to another room?

A shower?

I think we should move him to Jin.

They’re each using one room in Jin.

The maintenance manager will be here by nine o’clock.

We can’t help it. Just tell him to come down first.

Tell him to have breakfast first.

It’s 203.

Maybe he’s coming down. There’s no answer.

Should I go up?

(The phone starts ringing.)

The phone is ringing.

Hi, Mr. Farmer. I’m terribly…

Yes, I’m terribly sorry.

I think they will come to fix it at nine o’clock.

So why don’t you just come down…

and have breakfast first?

We’re terribly sorry.


We’ll meet you here.

He’s coming.

I should apologize.

That’s why I’m out here. For Mr. Farmer…

(The CEO continues to feel uncomfortable.)

(Woo Shik goes up himself as he is worried about the English guest.)

(Is someone coming down?)

(The English guest is coming down.)


– Good morning. – Good morning.

I’m sorry about the whole washroom situation.

That’s all right. I just used…

the bottle of drinking water.

Oh my gosh. Really?


My hair is kind of a mess.

We were kind of figuring out what to do.

That’s all right.

Did you have a good sleep?

– I did. Yes, very nice. – Okay.

You’re right about the fact that your back stays warm.


Your nose might be…

– a little bit cold, – Yes.

but it definitely stays very toasty.

Would you like some coffee…

– or hot tea? – Coffee will be great.


(While Woo Shik goes to get the coffee,)

(the CEO goes to meet the English guest.)

– I’m terribly sorry. – That’s all right.

– A really big apology to you. – You really don’t need to.

I wonder if your pipes are frozen.

I think so. It’s frozen.

This is the juice.

I think this is… We squeezed the fresh fruits like…

– tomato and kale with everything. – Nice.

– Lovely. – And then… I’m terribly sorry.

You don’t have to apologize. It’s fine.

(Meanwhile, Woo Shik is headed somewhere.)

(He’s checking to see if the water is working…)

(after the maintenance guy came.)

(He went to the English guest’s room.)

Is someone here?

(He checks the bathroom to see if the water is working.)

The hot water is working.

It’s working.

So where do we have to check?

Oh, okay.

This thing? The black wire.

(On his way to deliver the good news to the English guest)

(Dining room Mae)

(The English guest is drinking his juice,)

(unaware of the shower room situation.)

(Another me in the mirror)

(Tony says hi.)

(A bright smile with his teeth showing)

(While he was enjoying the time with his other self in the mirror,)

(Woo Shik came to deliver the good news.)

Tony, I think the water system is okay now.

– That’s all right. – Yes.

(Good job, Woo Shik.)

(The priests are finishing their meal.)

This is like a breakfast for people…

who have to work hard.


(It’s very filling.)

(He pushes his meal to the side to clear it.)

Are we finished?

(They cleared the dishes.)

– Yes, we finished it. – All right.

(The Iranian couple is coming down a little late.)

They’re here.

– Good morning. – Good morning.

(They always look cheerful.)

– It’s this room for breakfast. – Yes.

(She stepped on it!)

Please take your shoes off from here.

– Okay. – You’re not used to it yet.

(They enter Juk after the mishap.)

– The Iranian guests are here. – Really?

– We have to get ready now. – Yes.

– It’s three servings, right? – Yes.

(To serve the best breakfast,)

(Youn Stay starts moving busily again.)

(The Beverage Team is done making the Iranian couple’s drinks.)

(Dada wants to take a photo of his wife.)



– Hello. – Good morning.

– Good morning. This is coffee. – Yes. Thank you.

And this is freshly squeezed…

– carrot, apple, tomato, orange… – Juice.


– Yes. – Juice.

Have a good day.

– Pardon? – Have a good day.

Have a good day.

– Did you enjoy your meal? – Yes, we did.

– Okay. – It was very delicious.

– Okay, you can head home… – Yes.

– or take your time. – Yes.

(Thank you for the meal.)

Woo Shik, why did you say orange when it doesn’t have any orange?

– It doesn’t? – You have to take care of that.

– That’s right. – Carrot, apple, and pear.

– It was pear. – Was it tomato?

It was pear. I need to go and tell them again.

But how did you know I mentioned orange?

I could hear it from outside.

We know everything.

What’s this? I’ll serve these.

– Let’s go. – Which room are you going to first?

(Entering the room with the English guest)

Okay, here we are.

– How are you? – You guys are ready…

– for the cold weather. – No, it’s not coffee.

– Oh, it’s not. – It’s soup for the dumplings.

– That’s the vegetable broth. – Oh, my favorite.

Yes, it’s vegetable broth.

Pumpkin soup with beans inside.

Do you need more coffee?

– Yes, please. – Okay.

Thank you.

(Thanks for the delicious meal.)

(Next, they’re serving the Iranian couple.)

– This is the vegetable broth. – Yes.

We’ll pour this one for the dumplings.


– Did you like the juice? – Yes.

Okay. We just squeeze tomatoes,

– pears, carrots, and apples. – So, there’s no orange.

It was a pear.

– Pears. – Thank you.

Okay, thank you.

Did you tell them there were oranges in the juice?

Yes, they were the ones.

(The Iranian couple starts to eat breakfast.)

(Enjoying the taste)

(They cooked it really well.)

(Scraping the bottom of the porridge bowl.)

(Thank you for the meal.)

(The English guest has his first taste.)


(Scraping the bowl in the best way to enjoy the pumpkin porridge.)

(The dumpling soup is popular with the guests as well.)

(After putting on the clothes he had taken off,)

(Tony steps out of the dining room.)

Did you rest okay?

Yes, I think it was good. Food has been fantastic too.

– Really? – Yes.

He made it all.

You made all the food?



I was saying last night.

That’s about the best Korean meal I’ve ever had.

– Really? – Yes.

Thank you.

Do you get more guests coming this afternoon?

(Eavesdropping from the far)

We’re expecting 11.

– 11? – 11?

Wow, that’s a bit of a challenge.

(When Woo Shik leaves for a moment,)

(they come and sit with him.)

He’s been looking after me very well.

(Now he can hear better.)

I could hear that.

(Happy feet)

We’re just saying how much we liked it. It’s been great.

Thank you so much.

Thank you so much.

But it’s so nice to just get away from the big city.

Yes, exactly.

There’s no sound of cars…

All you can hear is just…

– birds tweeting. – Birds’ sounds.

Yes, it’s very nice.

As you know, we’re not professionals.

We’re trying to pretend like professionals,

but we’re not.

– Actually, you did your best. – You’re doing a very good job…

– of faking it. – Yes, exactly.

They tried their best.

With special chefs… They trained a couple of times…

and practiced at home.

They’re doing a great job.

He was very happy because you ate well.

– Good. – You ate. So they’re…

trying to just give you more and more.

It was a pleasure, just watching you eat.

I almost exploded by the time I was finished. It was great.

I’m so glad you enjoyed it very much.

I’ve enjoyed it all. It’s been great.

That means we have succeeded.

You are! You did a fantastic job.

– See you later! – Yes, okay.

I’m going to go back and figure out how to put all my goodies…

in my suitcase.

Oh, my gosh! It was my concern also.

(The guests are heading up happily and get ready to check out.)

There we go.

(After breakfast,)

(Youn Stay is filled with the sound of birds and winds.)

(The guests are spending their time as they relax.)

(Did it turn out well?)

(Move over.)


(I want to put my feet up here too.)

(Taking a picture of their matching shoes)

(While the other guests are spending a restful morning,)


(Tony starts to pack early.)

(Tony has to leave right away due to his work in Seoul.)

Oh, Mr. Farmer is leaving.

– Hello. – Hi.

The plumbing wasn’t working, The water is not working.

It doesn’t matter. All I’m going to do now is…

drive four hours to Seoul.

So, it’s not like I need to be cleaned to do that.

– I’m all right. – I’m sorry, really.

That’s okay.

I need to pay.

You know what I’m thinking?

Because you couldn’t take a shower…

Then should we give him a discount?


for one person, we charge…

– 150 dollars. – 150 dollars.

But, we’ll just take 100 dollars.

– Sure. – Okay? All right.

We should take a group photo.

I was going to say I have two important jobs…

– that I still have to do. – Yes?

One is… We have a present.

Oh, a present for us?

– What is this? – Oh, my!

It’s the biggest excavator.

This is what we make. This is the biggest one we make.

And also we have a souvenir for you.

– You do? – That’s just a small notebook.

(There’s a hand mirror and magnet too.)

Thank you. How lovely.

– Do you like that, Woo Shik? – Yes.

After we’re done, I’ll take it home.

– Good! – Yes.

– Yes. – Thank you.

– And now I need photos. – Good.

– Okay. – Let’s go!

Let’s get a shot by the lady.


It’s been great. It really has been lovely.

We thank you very much that you enjoyed our work.

Our unprofessional work.

Other than the fact that you forgot to make me pay,

everything else, it was all very professional.

Thank you.

– Thank you so much. – Goodbye!

– It’s a pleasure meeting you all. – Drive safe.

– I feel like you got… – Drive safe.

the short end of the stick and had to look after me.

– Bye. – Bye.

(He’s leaving with a bundle of great memories.)

Since we have time, should we eat?

Should we?

– What are we eating? – Beef bone soup.

Oh, really?

(Charging out)

We’re going to get the beef bone soup.

(Lee Seo Jin, beef bone soup master, has 8 years of experience)

Here we go!

– My gosh! – This is how it’s supposed to look.

Should I take the meat out?

I was thinking of throwing out the rest. It looks a bit messy.

Gosh, the meat is so soft.

Put the meat in here.


It’s done.

– I’ll pour the soup. – Okay.

(The soup has been boiling in the iron pot for 12 hours.)

(The beef bone soup made with the hard work of the 3 employees)

(How will it taste?)

(Coming back to the kitchen with the beef bone soup)


I’ll have to remove the fat.

Seo Jin, should I add garlic, salt, and pepper?

Add some minced garlic and salt. Try seasoning it.

– Do I put it in? – Yes.

(They try adding a spoonful of minced garlic.)

(Seasoning with plenty of pepper)

That’s good.


– It looks good, right? – Yes.

We just need to add green onions and salt.

(The beef bone soup is almost done.)

Oh, wait. Then I want to make something.

– What? – A dipping sauce for the meat.

– Soy sauce and vinegar? – Yes.

(In charge of soup, sauce, and kimchi)

(A bit nervous)

(A dash of vinegar)

(A lot of vinegar)

(Calmly adding soy sauce to it)

(Little bit of pepper)

(Finishing with minced garlic)

(Let’s try it.)

(Is the soy sauce and vinegar finished?)

Yu Mi, what are you doing?

I’m making a rolled omelet with the leftover eggs.

(Eggs for the egg garnish)

Use all of it.

(What food for the staff looks like)

(Roll the egg.)

(Yu Mi’s plump rolled omelet is done.)

(Seo Jin summons all of gukbap’s best friends,)

(and even fat radish kimchi.)

(Kkakdugi, radish kimchi, napa cabbage kimchi)

(Seo Jun is in charge of the soup.)

Are green onions on the table?


(Yu Mi’s in charge of delivering from the kitchen to the table.)

Could I have some more meat?

There’s a lot in there.

Please let me have some more meat.

The oxtail!

Thank you! I’ll work hard.

– Yes, come again tomorrow! – I will.

– How is it? – Delicious.

Is it good?

(They have a late breakfast with the beef bone soup.)

(It’s tasty to add a lot of green onions.)

(He takes a spoonful and exclaims.)

(He takes another spoonful.)

(My goodness.)


(It’s tasty.)

(Even the beef bone soup master is satisfied with the taste.)

(He dips the meat in Woo Shik’s sauce.)

(My goodness.)

(Yu Mi’s rolled omelet…)

(also gets a nod.)

(He munches on the rolled omelet.)

The meat is really tasty.

The meat melts in your mouth.

I could eat this for every meal.

Woo Shik is enjoying the beef bone soup.

It’s incredible.

You can’t make this with a regular gas stove.

(The Iranian couple gets ready to check out.)

(They bow to each other.)

– Hello. – Hello.

Your Highness.

The most gorgeous king of all Joseon.

Thank you so much for your effort. It was very nice.

Thank you. Thanks for coming.

(The staff members come out one after another to see them off.)

Thank you.

(Photo time)

– Okay. Thank you. – Thank you.

– Thank you. – This is a gift for you.

Oh, my goodness. Thank you.


– Have a safe trip home. – Yes.


(The cheerful Iranian couple, goodbye.)

(After the second group of guests departs,)

(the staff members enjoy a relaxing morning.)


Ms. Youn, is this sansuyu?

– I think so. – It has the right shape.

It’s sansuyu.

(A red decoration on the white wallpaper)

(Seo Jin empties the food waste.)

(Woo Shik is hunting persimmons.)

This one.

(Me too.)

Like this.

I am a persimmon.

You look sexy.

Yes. You look so sexy.


(The staff members relax for the first time in a long while.)

Here they come.

(The priests come to check out.)

– Hello. – Hi.

– I hope your stay… – Yes.

– went well and you enjoyed it. – It was short but very good.

– We forgot to charge you. – Oh, okay.

– Actually… – It’s my problem.

– For two, – Yes.

it’s 250 dollars.

I will use this.

– Is this correct? – Yes.

– That’s correct. – Thank you so much.

Thank you very much.

By the way,

I do arts at Hongik University.

– Really? – Yes.

It’s really not the best…

Did you sketch something?

But… So…

– First… – Is it Yu Mi? Is it me?

Yes. I didn’t know, I’m…

No, no. It looks much better than I am.

Thank you so much.

– Yes. I can tell it’s me. – Yes.

– I saw some photos on the Internet. – Thank you so much.

(Father Jason drew in Dongbaek after breakfast.)

I cannot go further.

Here you go.

– Thank you so much. – Yes, yes.

And then the other guy…

– Woo Shik. – This is my signature.

– What? – Thank you so much.

I wanted to do it for everyone, but I didn’t have enough time.

So I am a little bit scared because it might not be very good.

– It’s too much photoshop. – Too much photoshop?

– Yes. – Thank you.

Is there any way I can get your photo on the Internet?

– Yes. Of course. – I wanted to see…

Oh, okay.

(Choi Woo Shik)

(Delicate and wild strokes)

(The original photo)

(Thank you, Father.)

– Oh, a group photo? – Yes.

Okay. Let’s go.



– Thank you so much. – Thank you.

– Thank you so much. – Thanks for coming.


– Bye. – Bye.

Did we give them the gift?

I will send the picture.

– Yes. Okay. – Yes. Please, please.

(Thank you.)

(Section Head Park gets the souvenirs.)


– Bye. – Take care.

(The priests leave after making good memories.)

(After all the guests leave)

Let’s bring the trays and clean up the plates.

Let’s go.

(Housekeeping Team and Breakfast Cleanup Team)

(Seo Jin and Yu Mi are in charge of cleaning up the tables.)

(She opens the door to air out the room…)

(and gathers the dishes.)

They ate everything!

(When Yu Mi gets the dishes,)

(Seo Jin takes them back.)

(She wipes the tables as well.)

(She puts herself in the guest’s shoes for a second.)

(Meanwhile, in the lodgings…)

(After the guests check out,)

(all rooms were disinfected to prevent the spread of COVID.)

(A professional crew cleaned and changed the bedding as well.)

(Then the employees begin setting up the amenities!)

Today, there will be three people in each room of Jin.

– 3 people in Jin. – 6 people in total, right?

Six people in total at Jin.

Body wash.

Toothpaste tablets.

Toothbrush. Three of them.

– We will need size 290. – Let’s get size 290.

Gosh, look at these.

Can you carry everything?

– Yes. Can you carry everything? – Yes.

(Yu Mi takes a walk to the upper village after she is done cleaning.)

(She arrives at Mi in a few steps.)

(The Nepali family and the Iranian couple…)

(made good memories here.)

(Yu Mi also listens to the chirping sounds that Prenim heard.)

(She runs along the straight path in the bamboo forest.)

This place is so nice.

(The sunlight that comes through the bamboo trees…)

(falls on the rocks.)

(My goodness.)

What is this?

Do the guests get to stay at such a wonderful place?

(A big field stretches under the clear sky.)

It’s so nice.

(The upper village looks different since the weather is nice.)

It’s so nice.

(In a corner of the grassy field is…)

No way!

(a rest area where the guests can have fun.)

It’s so nice.

(The chef’s happy escape)

It feels different when I am outside.


(The grassy field on the other side feels different.)

(It’s where you can see the wind.)

Who hung those sheets up?

This is incredible. How can it be like this?

Look at this.


(Like the sheets under the gentle wind and warm sunlight,)

(she feels like her heart is becoming fluffy.)

(Meanwhile, Seo Jun and Woo Shik arrive at Seon.)

Let’s get the shoes first.


Let’s put three of them in the middle.


(While Seo Jun puts the shoes out, Woo Shik puts the water in place.)

We can put all the amenities for this room here.

(Shall we set up the rest of the items?)

(They do everything by hand.)

(The wrapping cloth and bamboo toothbrush)

(Put the toothbrush in the wrapping cloth.)

(Place the welcome card that contains the employees’ love.)

Shall we put it there?



Six dynamites.

(The bamboo case looks like dynamite to Woo Shik.)




(Three packets of body wash for each of the guests)


(They get the room ready little by little.)

A comb.

(The knot is the key.)


Why are there two cards? Let’s take this out.

(One in body and spirit)

(This is a collaboration between Woo Shik and Seo Jun.)

– Put them on here. – Like this.

– Like this. – There you go.

All done. Everything looks good.

(The toothbrushes have been wrapped carefully.)

(The amenities match the number of guests.)

(The rooms are ready to receive guests.)



(They lock the door carefully.)

(We are done with work!)

(A song comes to mind while walking down the crooked path.)

(A grandma with a hunched back)

(Walks down the crooked path)

(Crooked, crooked)

(Crooked, crooked)

– Do we get to rest now? – Yes.

(They are free until 2pm!)


(Yu Mi arrives in the annex first.)

(To feel refreshed to work in the evening,)

(she irons her uniform.)

(After she is done preparing for the afternoon,)

(she takes a nice nap.)

(Meanwhile, Woo Shik and Seo Jun pass out as well.)

(The sound that breaks silence)


(Half asleep)

(He gets up.)

(Current time, 1pm)

– Woo Shik. – Yes?

– You should wake up. – Why?

Come to think of it, we have the poster shoot.

(Today, they will have the poster shoot for Youn Stay.)

Yes, Ma’am. I will get ready.

(He rolls his heavy body…)

(and gets up.)

(While Seo Jun gets ready diligently,)

(Woo Shik…)

– Seo Jun. – Yes?

Get ready as soon as possible.

– You need to get ready too. – What?

– You should get ready too. – I know. I need to get ready.

– Seo Jun. – Yes?

Get ready as soon as possible.

Okay. Get ready now.

– Okay. Seo Jun. – Yes?

– Get ready as soon as possible. – Woo Shik.

– Right now? – Yes. Get ready right now.


– Woo Shik. – Yes?

– Get ready right now. – Right now?

– Yes. – Okay.

(He plays so nicely with Woo Shik.)

– Woo Shik. – Yes?

– What is it? – It’s yours. Get ready right now.


(Should I get up? I fooled you.)

(He plays a hip song…)

(and wakes up for real.)

– Woo Shik, get ready right now. – Okay.

(He is channeling the spirit of a hipster.)

(He breakdances on his way to wash up.)

(A hipster)

(This is how a hipster waits for his turn.)

(Let’s change into the uniform and go out.)

(They set off for the poster shoot.)

Do you want to wear an apron for the poster?

Oh, we are doing the poster shoot first.

Gosh, look at the cat.

(Hurry up.)

All right.

– Where do I stand? – Stand here.

Black, white, black, white.

(White, black, white, black)

We look like missing teeth or the keys on a piano.

At a place that is full of peace…

Welcome to Youn Stay.

Yu Mi can stand here.

(Black versus white)

Welcome to Youn Stay.

At a place that is full of peace…

Welcome to Youn Stay.

With Ms. Youn’s love…

Have a happy time with your loved ones. I say that.

With Ms. Youn’s love…


– You say “Youn Stay” too. – I see.

You say “Youn Stay” too.

With Ms. Youn’s love, Youn Stay.

Like this. Youn Stay.

Youn Stay.

Youn Stay.

(Seo Jin doesn’t react in order to avoid doing it.)

You guys should do it.

Let’s get started.

Welcome to Youn Stay.

At a place that is full of peace…

Have a happy time with your loved ones.

With Ms. Youn’s love, Youn Stay.

It opens at 9:10pm on Friday, January 8th.

Do it together.

– Youn Stay. – Youn Stay.

(Seo Jin and Ms. Youn refuse to do it.)

– Youn Stay. – Youn Stay.

Why is this Youn Stay?

– I don’t know. – It’s the logo.

They are the brackets.

(They imitated the brackets on the paper.)

The brackets.

Seo Jin, you need to do it.

Let’s begin.

Welcome to Youn Stay.

At a place that is full of peace…

Have a happy time with your loved ones.

With Ms. Youn’s love,

– Youn Stay. – Youn Stay.


– This is… – Hold on.

Why won’t you do it?

– He is the cool one. – It opens…

(He won’t do it because he is the cool one.)

(Is this so hard, Seo Jin?)

Youn Stay.

(The last take)

“With Ms. Youn’s love…”

– Youn Stay. – Youn Stay.

It opens at 9:10pm on Friday, January 8th.

– He is determined. – He only did one.

Welcome to Youn Stay.

At a place that is full of peace…

Have a happy time with your loved ones.

With Ms. Youn’s love,

– Youn Stay. – Youn Stay.

It opens at 9:10pm on Friday, January 8th.

Are you angry?

Did something bad happen?

What is going on?

Let’s move to the lawn for the poster shoot.

Okay. Let’s go.

(Current time, 2:20pm. He checks the time for the pick-up.)

(Today, the first pickup location is Gurye Bus Terminal.)

(In the text messages with today’s first guest)

(The guests need to be picked up at the bus terminal at 3pm.)

(6 guests will come at once.)

(A pickup for 6 guests)

You will be picking up six guests? The van will be full.

Woo Shik, when is the pickup?

I need to run after the poster shoot.

Let’s go.

(The poster shoot begins.)

I love you.



– Do this. – Thank you.

– Welcome. – Welcome.

– Thank you for coming. Welcome. – Thank you for coming.

– Welcome. – Please do it with both hands.

(There is tissue paper in her hand.)

I will take it.

There was tissue paper in her hand.

– Thank you. – Welcome.

(Thus, the poster came to be.)

– All right. – We are done.

– I will get going now. – Hurry up.


(Woo Shik rushes to pick up the guests.)

(He runs hurriedly so that he won’t be late.)

(Current time, 2:40pm)

Does my hair look oily?

(He hurriedly drives to the bus terminal.)

(Will they be okay with a group of 6 guests?)

(CEO Youn thinks as she looks at the register.)

(There will be 11 guests in total today.)

(It’s twice the number compared to yesterday.)

I brought slippers…

so that I can take them off when I go onto the maru.

It’s inconvenient…

to take off the sneakers and put them back on.

(She stands up and heads to the kitchen.)

(She takes a weapon…)

(and a bag.)

(This is how CEO Youn prepares for a group of guests.)

(Curled mallow)

(She calms her mind as she picks out the young leaves.)

I use the stems when I make curled mallow soup at home.

But the stems usually aren’t this tough.

We will use only the leaves.

It’s up to me. It’s up to the CEO.

Giving only the soft leaves to the guests is your pride.

It’s not like that.


You are very modest.

(CEO Youn shows consideration for the guests.)

(Seo Jun, the coffee enthusiast makes an iced Americano.)


Caffeine power, on.

(My goodness.)

(Let’s get ready,)

(shall we?)

(He always starts with the vegetable broth.)

(He rinses the vegetables with clean water.)

(Are there too many ingredients?)

(Let’s make a lot of vegetable broth.)

(He slices up the sweet winter napa cabbage.)

(He slices up the other ingredients without hesitation as well.)

(Garlic cloves and mushrooms are ready!)

There are a lot of things to do today.

(Things he needs to do)

(Meanwhile, Woo Shik is on his way to pick up the first group.)

(He checks his hair.)

The destination is on your right.

(Looking around)

(He is rather nervous.)

(He arrives at the bus terminal.)

(He sees a group of people at a distance.)

(He walks over there.)

– Hey. – Hey.

How are you guys?

– It’s good to see you. Ethan? – No.

– He’s right there. – Ethan. Hi.

– What’s your name? – Mikaela.

– Mikaela. – Camille.

– Camille. – Josh.

Josh. Nice to meet you.

What’s your name?

– Yannick. – Yannick.

And the last one.

– The last one. – Yannick.

– What’s your name? – Hi.

– Yannick. – Yannick. Okay.

All right. Let’s get in the car and we’ll…

– Yes! – Let’s go!

(The guests are interning at Green Climate Fund in Incheon.)

– Okay. We have 1… – Just 1 luggage.

Okay. Oh, I will help you with that.

Oh, thank you. Excellent.

Excellent. Let’s go.

Okay. I think two will get in the back and…

We have enough space, right?

(It’s his 1st time to have 6 people in the van.)

(2 guests sit in the back 1st.)

– Okay. – All right.

– I got it. – Yes.

All right.

Okay. Put your seat belts on.

What’s your name?

Oh, yes, I forgot to introduce myself.

I’m your trustworthy guide.

– Oh, perfect. – A server and a good friend.

My name is Woo Shik.

You guys can call me Choi.

– Choi. – Yes.

All right.

So nice.

So I heard you guys are a group of friends or…

How did you guys meet?

– We work in the same company. – Yes.

– Okay. – Yes, in Songdo.

– Songdo. – Do you know Songdo?

– Incheon. – Incheon, Songdo.

Oh, okay.

We just created the land, basically.

Yes, the new land, right?

– Yes. – Yes.

Do you guys work in a lab?

Essentially, what the Green Climate Fund does…

So you know climate change is a really big problem?

Yes, it is.

Developed countries,

they have the money, let’s say, to invest in renewable energy…

or to build seawalls…

– to fight climate change. – Yes.

Developing countries don’t have the resources to do that.

So the Green Climate Fund exists as a kind of mechanism.

So it gets money from developed countries…

and then the GCF sort of funds projects in developing counties.

We all work in different parts, kind of helping that happen.

You guys are trying to save the planet.

– Yes. – Yes.

All six of you. Wow.

Thank you for that.

Let’s make our planet great again.

– Green. – Yes.

Are you an actor?

– Yes, I am. – Wow.

But for a few days, I’m just a bellboy.

Which job do you like more?

(It feels like an interview.)

I like them both.

Because right now I get to meet a lot of different people,

make new friends. Yes.

How many films did you do?

– How many films did I do? – Yes.

(Films he was in)

Probably like…

– I don’t know, less than 10 maybe? – That’s good.

And what was your role like?

– My role? – Like the bigger role.


Have you guys seen “Parasite”?

– Yes. – Yes.

The older son of the family.

Have you guys seen “Parasite”?

– Yes. – Yes.

The older son of the family.

The one who gets everything started.

Yes, yes. That’s me.

– Oh, nice. I loved the movie. – Okay.


(Embarrassed giggle)

– Oh, really? – Yes.

No way.


And when did you decide to become an actor?

(Thinking hard)

When I came here, actually.

Well, before, I wanted to be a stage director.

“I should try some acting too before I do any directing.”

– I tried global auditions. – It worked.

And that ended well. Thankfully.



You guys are all from different countries?

– Yes. – Yes. All from different countries.

Italy, France, Switzerland,

Burkina Faso, Canada, and Germany.


It’s a whole UN here.

– Yes. – All of it.

I hope you guys have a good trip with us.

(Peace still reigns over Youn Stay.)


The fly’s over here.

Seo Jin, the fly’s here.

No, it left.

(Here, the fly has gone.)

It’s very exciting today.

Let’s have our body temperature checked over there.

– Oh, okay. – Yes.

All right. Let’s go.

(To prevent the spread of COVID, we followed government guidelines.)

– This is my spot. – Is it?

Go over to the end.

(The VP got demoted to the corner to help prep the meat.)

(The CEO is waiting for guests.)

(She quietly heads to the kitchen…)

(The kitchen is calm before a storm of guests land on them.)

All right, so this is Youn Stay.

Welcome to Youn Stay.

– Wow. – This is amazing.

It is, right?

Let’s check in at reception first.

The guests are here.

– Okay. – They’re here.

Hi, welcome to Youn Stay.

– Hello. – Hello.

Wow, it’s a big group.

– Hello. – Hello.

– I’m Youn Stay’s CEO. – Hello.

– How are you? – Hello.

Like the boss.

Yes, I’m the boss.

So where are you from?

(Not yet inside)

(There’s a jam in the doorway.)


(is not the end!)

(Guests keep coming in.)

Oh, hi.


(The swamp of guests has begun again.)

(Guests are crashing in!)

(Intern Choi must take them to their rooms.)

(Other guests are waiting!)

(There’s an endless line,)

(so the VP joins in too.)

(The kitchen rushes to serve them all.)

(Section Head Park makes tteok-galbi.)

(Can he mince all the meat in time?)

(Is the sauce a failure too?)

(They’ve never cooked for 11 before.)

(Did you hear that?)

(A cuckoo)

(Are you hearing things?)

(Did you call me? No.)

(The kitchen staff are hearing things.)

(Chief Jung. Pull yourself together!)


(I must get a grip today.)

(We’re serving a new menu.)

I think this should do.

(Gochujang bulgogi)

(I will try the spicy pork.)

(Gochujang bulgogi)

(How does it taste?)


Wow. Make me smile too.

You’re good at drawing smiles.

Can you draw anything else?

Like what?

Woo Shik, you do it. You’re good at drawing.

Woo Shik.

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